X Best Screen Doors with Magnets of 2022 

If you’re anything like me. You love the Summer. Summer is the season where some of your favorite memories have been made. It’s the season you spent having long talks on the porch. Your Grandma brings out a tray of iced tea. It’s so humid you feel like you’re in a sauna. The need for pest control in your London home is at an all time high in Summer, and screen doors from are probably on your mind. And rising just above the constant whir of the bugs; your grandpa tells you something so profound you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Fast forward 10 years later and you’re sitting on that same porch. Only it’s after one of the hardest 2 and a half hours of your life. It’s on that same porch, in that same humidity. That you and your cousins, and one uncle and a few aunts all recount different stories they all had on that porch. Different parables of wisdom that they had received from the same source. As everyone goes around the circle. Detailing their time spent with your Grandpa. Eventually, the baton passes to you, and you share your own story. You recount all the little details of that visit. The heat, the tea, that screen door that never closed all the way, but still managed to keep some of the bugs out. As you tell your story, the rest of your family nods in agreement. Some of them have heard you tell this one. Some of them mirror the details of your story upon their own experience. Everyone in that circle knows exactly what you’re talking about. Because they have all sat on that same porch. Listening to that same man. Give them the same advice that he told all of his family. It’s then that you remember his last words to you. You saved them on a voice memo on your phone. You’re surprised you even recorded the conversation, but something inside you just knew that you may want to archive this. You play it for your family. It’s a simple sentence but it means everything to you at this moment. You press play, there’s a swell of noise and rustling, and finally, a voice that rises over it. It’s a simple sentence. “You be a good boy, I’m glad you came.” As stoic as your grandpa was every time you left to go back home he and your grandma would start to cry as your car left the driveway. And now you and your cousins, and that one uncle and those couple of aunts all sit on that same porch, and you all start to cry because this time. He’s the one who had to leave.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What could this possibly have to do with a screen door? And my answer is. Everything! You see when you’re talking about something that goes into your home. Even something as seemingly insignificant as screen doors with magnets. You’re inviting that door into your home. Into your most private moments. Into moments that will engrave themselves into your memory for the rest of your life. I don’t think that when my grandparents chose a door for their porch that they considered the impact it’d have on their grandchildren, but here we are. Almost 30 years later, I still remember the little cut I’d get from getting caught on its latch. Or how it used to creek open so loud, it was impossible to sneak out. These are the little details we notice. So without further ado let’s go over three of my favorite recommendations for the best screen doors to make memories with this summer!

First off! The Flux Phenom is an incredible choice. It sets itself apart from most other doors with a fresh design that seals itself in the middle. This is great for those looking to entertain a lot as now you don’t need an extra set of hands to get the dang thing open! My favorite feature of this door, however. Is the magnetic seam in the middle? This makes it so that the door always seals tightly behind you as you enter and exit. This means no more half-open screens that let all the bugs in!

Now, it’s my personal opinion that the Flux is the way to go in terms of screen doors, but in the interest of fairness, I’m including this great secondary option! What I’m talking about of course is the AUGO magnetic screen door. This is a door of similar construction, with a middle seam that seals magnetically. It’s a great piece and would work perfectly in any home!

When we think of the Summer, what do we think of? I think of freshly cut grass, and cool drinks. Seeing your friends all day and then seeing your family for the rest of the night. Swapping stories. Talking about life and love. Summer is a tender, spiritual time. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the setting of that time is as optimal as it can be! So when you’re looking for a screen door, don’t just get anything. Get something you can make a memory with!

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