When Women Should Consider Getting a Mammogram in Boise

Mammograms are breast X-rays that doctors use for detecting breast tissue abnormalities. They have been helpful in identifying breast cancer early. Sometimes, doctors can detect cancer up to three years before the patient experiences symptoms. This procedure is known as a screening mammogram. Meanwhile, doctors recommend a diagnostic mammogram Boise when a woman develops new symptoms like a breast lump, nipple discharge, pain, or breast skin changes. Even if there are improving treatment approaches for breast cancer, early diagnosis through screening mammograms minimizes the fatalities and affects patients’ survival rates. Because not all lamps are cancers, patients must undergo specific tests to determine whether their lumps are cancerous or not. 

Screening Mammograms vs Diagnostic Mammograms

Screening mammograms are routine procedures often performed to check for any signs of abnormalities in breast tissues before a woman experiences symptoms. Typically, they include two photos of every breast taken at varying angles. 

But a diagnostic mammogram can be undergone by women if their screening mammogram spots breast tissue abnormalities. The procedure includes additional views and uses more imaging techniques that a radiologist supervises during the study. 

Who Needs a Mammogram?

Experts recommend a yearly screening mammogram once women reach the age of 40 for those whose risk of developing breast cancer is average. But high-risk women must undergo breast screening 10 years earlier than the age of their family member who was diagnosed with this type of cancer. 

Sometimes, men with a high risk of developing cancer due to their family history may get screening mammography. But only around 1 out of 100 men can develop Celebrity net worth it. In addition, doctors may recommend annual screenings for women with any of the following risk factors:

  • Personal and family history of breast cancer. 
  • Inherited genetic mutations. 
  • Dense breast tissue. 
  • Some noncancerous breast diseases like atypical ductal hyperplasia.

What the Results of a Mammogram Imply

If you have a normal mammogram, you must get the screening continuously based on the recommended time intervals. A screening mammogram offers the most benefits when it can be compared to your past mammograms, letting the radiologist analyze your breast changes celebrow

If the mammogram is not normal and demonstrates suspicious changes, this does not automatically mean you have developed breast cancer. You may need to undergo another mammogram view, a breast biopsy, or other imaging tests that include a breast ultrasound thetalka

Overall, mammography is a safe and reliable procedure. Mammograms can save your life when breast cancer is detected early. Speak with your physician about when you can start getting a mammogram screening. 

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