What to expect when hiring an injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks?

Whether you were hurt in a road accident in Sherman Oaks or suffered injuries in an unfortunate slip & fall mishap, you should be aware of your rights. Most victims fail to understand the worth of their damages, which eventually results in low settlements. While you may know the laws in California, there are several variables in each case. You should seek legal consultation on the matter, and that’s where an injury lawyer can be instrumental in how you recover money. If you have never hired or worked with a personal injury lawyer before, here’s what you can expect.

Facts and more facts

A good injury lawyer is never going to lie or conceal facts. For instance, if you survived an accident with just minor bruises, the attorney may ask you to accept the insurance offer because the claim is not worth a lot. Beware of legal experts who want to inflate the injuries or overstate the losses, as the approach usually backfires in the long run.

Response and availability

You shouldn’t have to wait for a law firm to respond. Time is everything in such cases, and an injury lawyer is well aware of that. If you don’t get a response from them within 24 hours, look for other options. The attorney should have the time to listen to your store and answer your questions during the meeting.

A detailed explanation of rights and legal options

The injury lawyer should explain the various legal options and strategies you can consider for the given circumstances. They must also discuss your rights. For instance, you don’t need to sign a release for the insurance company or give a recorded statement. Knowing these details can help avoid common mistakes.


You should be able to contact an attorney whenever you want. Communication between the client and an injury lawyer is critical for the relationship. When you meet a prospective attorney, ask them how they will respond to your calls and emails and how you can get updates on the case.

Clear overview of costs

You don’t need to pay a fee to the injury lawyer unless you win. The contingency arrangement is common in most cases, but you should know what they would charge for the work. You may have to pay for certain expenses, and it is best to check with the attorney whether they can help cover these things until you recover money biographyer.

Get an attorney soon after the accident.  

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