What materials for a healthy and sustainable child’s room?

Places where children live, play and sleep, their bedrooms are often the subject of very special care. It is not just about making them pleasing to the eye, but also safe and healthy, with well-chosen materials for each element that composes them, so you can play 20bet casino without being disturbed by them! Here is a reminder of the main points to pay attention to when furnishing a child’s room, particularly in terms of materials that are reassuring, safe and do not emit VOCs.

Which floor for a healthy child’s room?

Let’s start with the floor, because children spend a good part of their days playing on the floor. It is therefore necessary to choose carefully the coating on which they will be installed most of the time. Ideally, we turn to natural materials, without chemical treatment, of which here are several examples.

Solid parquet or engineered parquet (a resin or plywood base covered with a layer of solid wood) are the healthy materials par excellence!

Linoleum is another lesser known but equally natural coating that can find its place in a child’s room. This one is mainly composed of wood, cork and linseed oil. Its name has been overused and it is now confused with vinyl flooring, which is completely synthetic. Real linoleum is a 100% natural coating that has a rather neutral look, while being warm. At its height in the 1970s, it is making a strong comeback in interiors.

The carpet, for its part, decried for a long time, reappears. It has many advantages when it is chosen in natural material. There are carpets in sheep’s wool but also in llama or goat hair… It is also interesting for its ability to absorb sound, but also dust (which contributes to making the surrounding air healthier): a small vacuum and it disappears. In terms of aesthetics, it gives a warm atmosphere, and it is very comfortable for fragile little feet.

Natural fibers: for an even more natural side, you will also find natural fiber flooring, such as sisal, seagrass, jute and even cork. The room will thus take on the air of a vacation by the sea!

What wall coverings for a healthy child’s room?

Healthy paints: for the walls, there are depolluting paints, perfect for having fun while guaranteeing healthy air in the child’s room.

The wallpaper is particularly suitable for decorating children’s rooms. It allows you to create a real universe, a soft atmosphere, and combines perfectly with a pretty painting. More and more wallpaper brands are using inks without chemical solvents and recycled paper to reconcile aesthetics, ecology and well-being in children’s rooms.

Cork can be laid as a floor covering, but also on the wall in the form of sheets or rolls. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, this completely natural material, since it is the bark of a tree, also helps clean the air by reducing humidity.

What textiles for children?

Textiles in a bedroom are obviously essential, if only for bed linen! They also help absorb sound, make the place cozy and more intimate, like in a cocoon…

Sheets: look at where they come from. Select them according to their material and their manufacture. Textiles with the Oeko-tex label, for example, are guarantees of quality, responsible manufacturing for the planet, and guarantee the limitation of harmful substances. Perfect for a child’s room!

Rugs make rooms feel warmer. Colorful, they will bring pep or, more neutral, they will create a soothing atmosphere. Check that their raw material is natural (wool, cotton, etc.). Some rugs (even wool) are machine washable, which allows for impeccable hygiene.

The curtains and sheers allow you to protect yourself from view, to sift the light and to dress the windows. They will also be chosen in natural materials (linen or cotton gauze, hemp) for a healthy and comfortable spirit.

Choosing sustainabe materials are only one way have having an eco-friendly project. Check out the infographic below for more tips on sustainable construction!

Infographic provided by Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc., a soil stabilization company

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