What Is the Remuneration of a Legitimate Counselor?

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks data for all professions, the counseling profession is not included in the same statistics. This includes many roles not considered to be part of the counseling profession, such as clinical psychologists and non-licensed psychotherapists. The biggest differences between these job types will be in the areas of specialization and paycheck size. This article will explore what the average salary of a legitimate counselor is.

While many licensed professionals are independent contractors, licensed counselors are subject to state laws. The state board of licensing establishes the scope of the profession and the obligations of license holders. Each license has different requirements for educational training, job duties, and licensing. To practice, a counselor must be a licensed professional counselor. If a counselor is self-employed, they are not entitled to compensation.

To work as a mental health counselor, you must earn a master’s degree. While the requirements vary between states, most programs will accept a master’s degree with 60 credits in counseling courses. Additionally, you will receive a professional orientation that covers history and philosophy of counseling. It’s important to know the laws of your state and make sure that the counselors you choose have the same credentials as those you would meet in person.

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