Kumkum | Kum kum | What is Ekumkum and Kumkum?

You may have heard of ekumkum or kumkum before, but what exactly is it? Well, it is a natural spice with a rich vermillion red color. It is traditionally applied to the forehead between the eyebrows. Among its many benefits, kumkum is considered a highly wholesome and healing product. To learn more, read on! Below are some of its most popular uses.

Kumkum attracts flows of Shakti. When applied to the forehead, it creates a subtle fragrance that attracts the Pavitraka of the Deities. The Pavitraka are the most subtle particles in the Universe. The kumkum’s frequency absorbs negative energies and produces a positive spiritual experience. This is how kumkum is so beneficial. Among other benefits, kumkum attracts the Chaitanya ray, which helps remove the dark energy covering a woman’s face.

The process of preparing kumkum allows it to enter the body and the energy system, allowing it to cleanse and detoxify the third eye. In addition, it generates constant awareness in the third eye area. The Third Eye is fed by attention, so by paying attention to your third eye, you awaken it and begin the flow of energy. In this way, kumkum can help you move past the pain and find your true self in God.

Kumkum is an ancient, sacred substance found in many Hindu rituals. Kumkum is often applied on the forehead of a devout to receive blessings. The goddess Lalita Devi mentions it in her many names, including Kumkum. This pious substance has many spiritual uses, which is why it is used as an offering at the Navratri festival. Several Hindu hymns and books mention Kumkum. In fact, Sri Sankaracharya is the author of a book on the subject, Kumkum.

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