Top 6 things to do in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has been around for millions of years and is a great place to explore! There are plenty of things to do on this fun-filled island, from relaxation escapes for adults to family activities that will entertain the little ones. This volcanic paradise offers many exciting prospects – you never know what adventures await in Lanzarote’s awe-inspiring landscape.

1. Papagayo Beach 

Relaxing on a beach is one of the most incredible free things to do in Lanzarote, and Papagayo Beach is one of the most gorgeous. This beach is part of the Los Ajaches Natural Monument, a protected area having stunning beaches as well as caverns and historical inscriptions.

Papagayo Beach is situated in the reserve’s southernmost section, and other beaches may be visited on the way there. Kayaking and snorkeling are popular activities here. You may also join a catamaran trip and enjoy other water sports around the Lanzarote coast once at sea. However, if you want something more special, I propose booking a sailing excursion.

2. Enjoy viewing the stunning architecture of Mirador del Rio

Take a peak at the mastery of Cesar Manrique and experience spectacular views from Mirador del Rio. Perched atop Risco de Famara at an awe-inspiring 474m, this Lanzarote-born viewpoint provides eye candy for miles – with breathtaking panoramas over three islands: La Graciosa, Chinijo Archipelago, as well as gorgeous vistas surrounding Risco de Famara mediaposts itself.

Discover the rustic charms of an impressive nineteenth-century Spanish fortress. Architect Manrique was inspired to disguise this historic military battery with local boulders, creating a unique alternative experience for those wanting to take in its remarkable views that have witnessed centuries gone by. Step inside and let your eyes wander up the curved walls weaving their way around meticulously placed windows for maximum rural vistas – it is exceptional!

3. Hike Timanfaya

Lanzarote is a paradise of volcanic activity, from lava fields to molten landscapes. At the breathtaking Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, you can find the iconic Timanfaya volcano – a natural environment with its own captivating story written in stone and ash that entices visitors looking for something truly unique.

The volcano is accessible through many paths, making it feasible to trek to the summit. In addition, several local businesses provide guided hiking trips that take you through the most excellent and scenic trails. In contrast, the guides impart facts about the volcano and the surrounding parks.

4. Wander Around Jardin De Cactus

Cesar Manrique was a man of many ideas and his lasting legacy is Jardin de Cactus, an impressive transformation from a rocky quarry to a vibrant cacti garden. Featuring 4500 species of spiny succulents, the park is surrounded by Lanzarote’s largest prickly pear plantation – truly spectacular evidence of Manrique’s genius!

Manrique’s Cactus Garden provides an impressive visual experience, with a juxtaposition of dramatic colors from the sky, terrain, and plants. In addition, tiny fragments of volcanic rock were placed among majestic cacti to highlight this contrast further. This alluring garden is part of Lanzarote Island’s fascinating landscape which also features daunting monoliths formed by past volcanic activity at its entrance.

5. Visit Charco De Los Clicos, a stunning natural wonder located in the Canary Islands. 

Located along the breathtaking coast of Lanzarote, Charco de Los Clicos is a stunning sight to behold. These vivid green waters are produced by a volcano inundated with Atlantic Ocean water. A unique blend of algae is found at its bottom!

Charco de Los Clicos is a popular photography site. The vibrant color contrasts sharply with the brilliant blue sky, deep black sands of El Golfo beach, and black and orange volcanic rocks surrounding it.

6. Discover a unique subterranean world of beauty and wonder at Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote

At Jameos del Aqua, the genius of Cesar Manrique can be observed nowhere else. Conceived by nature itself – it was formed from a lava tube once flowing from the Corona Volcano- this unique artwork is an impressive blend between organic elements and human creativity! Discover why Manrique’s masterpieces are applauded around the world here.

Feel the magic of this rare, green oasis! Listen to songbirds and bask in the beauty that has existed since prehistoric times. Admire stunning white stone ponds filled with glittering blue waters while towering palm palms provide natural shade. A magical volcanic journey awaits – explore eblogz a lush landscape where time stands still.

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