The Value of PGDM in India

The All India Council of Technical Studies (AICTE) has certified the two-year PGDM course program in India. AICTE has given 500 colleges in India permission to offer PGDM degrees. These recognised institutions design their own curricula, modify them as necessary, share their own tests, and assess their own learners.

Scope of PGDM in India

You will be able to choose from a variety of work prospects after completing your PGDM in India. You will have the same job chances as an MBA student because this curriculum is equivalent to an MBA degree. On the other hand, you might be qualified for a technical position with a competitive salary and benefits. With a great postgraduate degree, PGDM degrees are becoming increasingly essential and well-liked. Candidates can find their dream careers by using campus recruitment services provided by the PGDM in India colleges in India.

The Advantages of Pursuing a PGDM Program

In India, students from any field—including science, business, and the arts—can participate in a PGDM program for their professional advancement. In India, individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field are eligible to apply for the PGDM program. Let’s examine a few advantages of earning a PGDM in India.

1. The program is interdisciplinary:

In India, PGDM is interdisciplinary. This course combines several academic fields, including accounting, management, and economics. This framework helps to fulfil the industries’ shifting needs. Because organisations and enterprises now need far more than just one expertise. The PGDM programs in India equip students with a wide variety of knowledge required to compete in today’s industry.

2. It supports the student’s general growth:

Together with academics, the PGDM in India offers a range of industry-based training programs and internships to support candidates’ overall growth and expose them to the business world firsthand. By enrolling in a PGDM program in India, candidates can learn about working environments’ realities and prepare for the future.

3.  It develops your leadership skills:

In addition to forcing candidates to achieve the prerequisites for future managers, the PGDM programs in India also seek to make them compete with other talents. It is created to meet the requirements of qualified top executives or those who can get additional training to fulfil the function.

The PGDM value in India is that it equips students with the logic and self-assurance they require to succeed and lead the business they work for. Today, managers with the requisite competencies are in high demand. Participants in PGDMdegree programs are equipped to fulfil the requests of the modern economy.

According to logic, the types of employment prospects and career options open to you depend on the strength and quality of your qualifications. Therefore, a PGDM alumnus or graduate can be a massive advantage to a company.

4.  More favourable employment prospects

You can pursue a better job and a higher wage with a management degree. Companies are prepared to pay much more for applicants with a PGDM degree as they increasingly recognise the significance of such a background. Your remuneration should reflect the attention and effort it takes to earn a valuable PGDM in India degree.

A PGDMcourse enables you to pursue a better salary and position and allows you to work for reputable companies.

5. Business aptitudes

Instilling entrepreneurial qualities in students and encouraging them to be self-starters, leaders, and pioneers from the start is one of the PGDM’s most significant benefits in India. Students gain a lot of knowledge about working in and interacting with the business world. Pupils pick the ability to successfully use resources to transform ideas into reality, which not only aids in their employment but also creates a variety of professional prospects for others.

Millions of people in India have benefited from the growth of the start-up culture over the past ten years, and the government has established numerous MSMEs-friendly laws. Thus, pursuing PGDM programs in India is a good career move.

Career Scope and Jobs After a PGDM

Several factors determine the value and pay for PGDM programs in India, including job function, region, experience, company type, and others. Some of the jobs with the highest salaries for graduates of PGDM programs in India are listed below:

  • Investment Banker – The pay for investment bankers varies widely depending on the company. However, after a few years of experience, an initial salary of ₹8 to ₹10 lakhs per year could increase to ₹50 to ₹80 lakhs.
  • Project Manager – Project managers can make up to ₹20 lakhs annually, depending on the city and the company.
  • Management Consulting – Salary ranges for management consultants depend on many factors. Still, they can anticipate making between ₹20 and ₹30 lakhs per year.
  • Business Development Manager – Managers in this field make a respectable living. They earn about ₹15 lakhs a year on average. On the other hand, working with prestigious companies may significantly increase this sum.
  • Marketing Manager – Employees in marketing departments receive some of the highest salaries. The average salary for a marketing manager may be close to ₹12 lakhs when performance incentives are subtracted mynoteworld.

Sales Managers have an average beginning salary of 8 lakhs per year since they produce income.

  • Business Analyst – Business analysts may start with salaries ranging from ₹5 Lakhs to ₹11 Lacs.


PGDM from a Sunstone-powered university can get you started on a very lucrative career path. Individuals who have completed PGDM programs in India strive to lead others and are experts in their fields. After gaining some experience, they might anticipate earning a salary of more than ₹50 lakhs annually FAQ BLOG.

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