Overwintering Pests in Irvine: All You Need to Know

Finding pests roaming around on your property in Irvine can be annoying. The term “overwintering” is related to pests. During the winter months, insects and rodents need a safe space to stay warm and survive the season, and inevitably, these pests enter homes. In some cases, pests can survive inside the soil or in trees, but buildings and sheltered spaces are safer. If you are wondering how to deal with overwintering in Irvine, call Brooks Pest Control immediately.

Finding pests during winter

Overwintering is common in animals, although insects are often known to do this. In California, you can find overwinter pests like ants, bees, beetles, roaches, mosquitos, crickets, silverfish, spiders, ticks, and flies, among other insects. You can also find certain animals during the winter, including opossums, rodents, and racoons. There are two evident reasons for overwintering. Firstly, not all insects have the ability to lower body temperatures and functions to survive the winter, and secondly, they need a food source.

Dealing with overwintering

  1. First and foremost, check the exteriors of your home and determine whether sealing a few entry points can help prevent an infestation. Secondly, look for areas outside the house that need attention, such as roofs, gutters, barns, and exposed pipes.
  2. Declutter your home. Seasonal cleaning and decluttering of your home can go a long way in preventing pests. Remove webs, get rid of things you don’t need, and clean the areas of the house that are otherwise ignored in regular cleanups.  
  3. Review your heating system: The heating system is often home to insects, and before winter, you might want to check the various components of the system, including the furnace, to know the extent of damage caused by pests.
  4. Get a professional check: Call local pest control services in Irvine and insist on a proper inspection of your home. They can help find the spots that need attention and take preventive steps to ensure the home and family are safe from infestations.

If you are new to Irvine, look for a pest control service that’s locally based and has a credible profile. Discuss the concerns related to overwintering and ask for the input of experts, who can also guide you on other means and ways to keep pests away. Always choose a licensed and known company that you can rely on for expertise, and no matter how tight your budget is, go for an annual maintenance contract.

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