Let’s Learn More About The Rain Gun Sprinkler

The run gun is a device that is used in micro irrigation systems. It is created for different uses, where it uses water for irrigation.

In the article below, we will dig deeper into the sprinklers, how to use them, and where. You will be able to get more knowledge and understanding of the device.

The Features of The sprinkler

It is used to irrigate a large piece of land at one time. With the sprinkler, you install it, put it on then let it do its job by sprinkling the water on the crops or where you want the water to reach.

After placing the sprinkler, you leave it after the area is well rinsed and then change it to another different area, showing minimum labor is required. Pests and insects have washed during the process.

It has an adjustable jet break. The jet break allows the droplet size to impact the delicate crops and provides uniform irrigation.

It has minimum components for operation, and its lightweight and sturdy with high-quality maintenance always has to be met to keep it working well.

It has nozzles that can be interchanged easily. Due to the nozzle change, it is flexible for the sprinkler to work well.

Applications of The Sprinkler

It is used for the irrigation of field crops. When crops are overgrown, it isn’t easy to spray the inner field, but with the sprinkler, it can reach the inner field, and hardly any labor is required.

In plantations like tea, coffee, and rubber, clients like using it because the sprinklers have high performance and the pressure of water produced is high.

When one has fodder crops or pasture fields, it is suitable to use as it covers a large area by just moving the system.

Due to its high-pressure pipes, it controls dust or suppresses it in mining areas.

The rain gun sprinkler for sale in Kenya has different components that make it, and they are easy to install.

  • The main line pipes(PVC, HDPE, Aluminium)
  • Sub-main line pipe(rain guns, impact type, pelican, gear drive)
  • Skipper(tripod stand for rain gun, Tripod stand)
  • Fitting and accessories(female coupling, male coupling, male barbed coupling, end plug)

This is an image of how the sprinkler looks with its components.

We also have six types of rain guns, that for them to perform temperature, wind velocity, and humidity are conditions used for them to work

  • Impact types
  • Penguin pelican
  • Flamingo rain gun
  • Skipper
  • Mariner
  • Triangular spacing

When installing the sprinkler, it is very important to ensure that it is properly tightened upon the tripod.

One can get help from the adjustment rings at the bottom if an adjustment is required.

All nozzle sizes should be according to the designed rating, and when it comes to replacing the nozzles, it is advised to use the right tools.

When the sprinkler is rotating, it is important to keep a distance because water may get to you, insects may jump on you, or pests can be harmful.

Always handle the sprinkler with care to avoid damage, and it is good to always maintain it even after some time.

You need to use the diffused screw when making a digger droplet size.

If there is high wind velocity, avoid using it more.

If the sprinkler is not rotating, visit or contact the nearest dealer so they can come to check on the problem and make it.

When technicians work on the sprinkler, they should use the right tools. You need a good high pressure water pump.


Consider the sprinkler if you want to make your work easy in irrigation or use minimum labor. It will cover a large area and save you time because when the sprinkler is working, you will be able to do something else.

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