Get to Know Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Buyers have different tastes and choices when buying their household items. Some of the items are cleaning items which include vacuums.

The type of work always considers their choice performed explicitly by the cleaner and the equipment price.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner has strong suction power and is ideal for cleaning bigger rooms. This vacuum is pushed in front of you; hence no need for you to bed while cleaning. Most of these upright cleaners have motorized brush rolls that improve carpet cleaning.


-Ideal for more considerable room cleaning

-No support is needed for it to stand

-Bending is not necessary for you to clean

-Comes with different cleaning tools


-More expensive


-Not easy to use on stairs

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

These cleaners have a thin and tall body, and just like the upright cleaners, there is no need for bending down during cleaning. They are cheaper, lighter, and easy to move due to replacing the main body with a stick.


-Light in weight and easier to move

-Bending is unnecessary


-Can be coded or not corded


-Less suction power

-Ineffective on carpets

-Smaller dust capacity

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

With these cleaners is a long hose and body separately positioned. It is pushed behind you during cleaning. This type of vacuum cleaner has great suction power but lacks powered brushes; hence their effectiveness on the carpet is not satisfying.

They are great for under furniture and staircase cleaning.


Great suction power

-Efficient for staircase cleaning




May require bending

-Difficult storage due to long hose

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

This type has almost the same work performance as corded vacuums. These vacuums are often light in weight and convenient to use since they can also be converted into handheld machines. However, they do not offer value for your money.

Compared to corded ones, they are less powerful but can offer faster clean but not long cleaning sessions due to a limited battery.



-Can also function as a handheld vacuum

-Excellent suctions for new designs



-Not convenient for bigger homes due to limited battery

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Unlike the types mentioned above of equipment, wet and dry vacuum cleaners can suck both dry and wet spills, thus an excellent choice for a household. They have exceptional suction power and durability, but it does not have fancy features like an automatic suction adjustment or LCD screens.


Ability to clean liquid spills


-Ideal for tough jobs


-Poor quality filters

-Not efficient for average homes

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

This type is also best for quick clean-ups, car interiors, and dry spills. Their suction power is poor due to their small capacities. Handheld vacuums also come with corded or cordless ones.


-Easy to use


-Ideal for spot cleaning


-Not convenient for extensive room cleaning

-Low suction power

-Dust capacity is small


Many types of vacuums can be used anywhere, like carpet sweepers, which are cheaper, robot cleaners, etc. This makes cleaning around the house or anywhere easier and ore efficient.

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