Choosing an Eco Water Urn

Choosing an eco water urn can be a challenging choice. There are so many options on the market. Here’s a guide to help you make the best decision.

Salium shell

Whether you choose a sea turtle memorial, a shell, or another eco burial urn, your loved one’s remains will be preserved and biodegraded in the ocean or river. The Oceanus water burial urn is made with 100% biodegradable materials and comes in an attractive off white color. It also includes a custom cardboard carrying case.

The eco water urn is the latest product in a line of biodegradable urns. This urn is made from plant derived materials such as cellulose, bamboo, and plant fibers. This biodegradable material is specially formulated to break down into ashes in water. The Eco Water Urn is shaped like a buoy and floats in a controlled manner. This makes it easy to transport and provides the comfort and assurance of a water burial.

The Eco Water Urn is made without any binding agents or glues. The design is perfect for water burial and provides a beautiful presentation for your ceremony. The urn holds up to 220 cubic inches of ashes. The unique shape makes it easy to see. The flat base is ideal for displaying the urn during a memorial service.

The Eco Water Urn is the most popular biodegradable urn for scattering ashes in water. It is a good choice if you have a loved one who loves the ocean. It is also popular for flower leis.

The urn can hold up to two quarts of ashes and will biodegrade in three months. It is shaped like a buoy and floats on water. You can place the urn from shore or a boat. It will float on the water for a few minutes and then gradually droop to the bottom.

The Eco Water Urn is also available in a bamboo case. This provides a beautiful presentation for a sea burial ceremony and makes it easy to protect the urn while it’s being stored. The lid attaches to the bowl with biodegradable glue. When it’s time to scatter the ashes, remove the lid and the urn will submerge.

The Eco Water Urn can be purchased online and is available at funeral homes nationwide. It’s also a popular item for wreaths and flower leis.

Lotus flower

Choosing an eco water urn is a smart choice for those who want to scatter their ashes in a meaningful way. There are many options available to suit your needs, but choosing an urn that will be environmentally friendly is a great way to honor the memory of a loved one.

One of the most eco-friendly urns is the floating lotus urn. These urns are designed specifically for scattering ashes in water. They are made of biodegradable materials and are certified green. They are also highly durable.

These urns float on the surface for a few minutes before sinking slowly to the bottom. The float time depends on the water conditions, the weight of the ashes, and the urn’s design.

A lotus flower is considered to be a sacred flower because it symbolizes rebirth. It is also seen as a symbol of purity and resilience. It has been used for years in memorial ceremonies.

There are other options for a water urn, but they can be difficult to carry and transport. These biodegradable urns offer families an environmentally friendly choice. The Serenity Lotus Biodegradable Water Urn is a good example. It features a pink lotus flower surrounded by green leaves. The urn includes a water soluble bag and closes with a leather cord.

The water urn also comes in bamboo, which is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials on the planet. It has a beautiful presentation when used during a water burial ceremony. It also provides protection while storing ashes.

The urn also features a lid, which can be removed when it is time to scatter the ashes. This allows you to write a special message or decorate the urn with fresh flower petals.

The urn is also made from biodegradable materials, including kraft paper and a water soluble bag. The urn will biodegrade in three months in the soil. It is available in five nature-inspired colors.

This urn will be a great tribute to a loved one, and can bring comfort to family and friends. It can also be used as part of a ritual that honors the values of a loved one.

Sand urn

Choosing an Eco Water Urn is a great way to scatter the ashes of a loved one. These urns are biodegradable and made from natural materials, such as plant-derived materials and recycled paper.

These urns are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some urns are made from bamboo, which is an environmentally-friendly material. Others are made from recycled paper and other materials.

These urns are available in many different styles, and can be shaped like flower wreaths or floating lilies. In addition to being eco-friendly, they are also beautiful. Most come with floral arrangements and are available in a variety of prices. Some are even suitable for display.

There are many different types of biodegradable urns, so choosing the right one for your needs is a matter of finding the one that is right for you. Some urns will biodegrade within minutes, while others may take up to a year to completely dissolve. This is dependent on the material of the urn, as well as the location it is placed in.

For example, the Dolphin Urn is made from environmentally friendly materials and will dissolve within minutes. It is available in blue and tan, and is a great choice for scattering ashes in water. It comes with a small metal box with a pendant that is affixed to the lid. It also comes with a replacement lid that can be easily replaced after scattering.

Some urns are made of biodegradable materials, but aren’t suitable for scattering ashes in water. These aren’t made of actual shells, but rather a mixture of sand and gelatin. These urns are usually buried in natural cemeteries.

Other biodegradable urns are made of resin or sand. These urns are usually a little larger, so they can be placed in water. Some can be made by the family or purchased from a funeral home. They aren’t very useful for permanent placement in the open air. However, they are inexpensive, and are perfect for scattering ashes in water.


Some urns are made from recycled materials, such as paper or plastic. These urns are made from non-toxic glues and are sustainably produced. Some of these urns are even made to grow into trees.

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