Beautiful skin without acne

Various problems caused by makeup Whether it’s makeup that doesn’t last long or makeup flows when it’s afternoon. All come from the surface of the skin which is oily and the pores are not tightened. So to make makeup easy and fun. As well as revealing a natural look, we bring 5 great tips for girls. In order to help solve such problems easily.

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1. Tighten pores and reduce it with mung bean powder

Mung bean powder has the ability to absorb sebum and help remove impurities on the face. Especially the dirt that clogs in the pores very well. A simple solution is to mix mung bean powder with clean water. Then rub and massage on the wet face gently, avoiding the lips and around the eyes. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Regularly wash your face with mung bean powder 2-3 times a week to help tighten pores. And the oiliness on the face began to decrease noticeably.

2. Reduce it with a natural facial mask formula.

One of the best ways to reduce oiliness on your face is a face mask. And the formula for a safe and effective face mask is a formula that uses natural ingredients. Started by mixing apple cider with green tea. Bring the mask and leave it for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. The oiliness on the skin is reduced. It also helps to adjust the skin to be white naturally as well.

3. Tighten pores with ice.

One of the easiest ways to tighten pores and reduce oiliness is to rub ice over your face. However, You should choose clean ice. Or, to be sure, you can opt for home-made ice. Using ice on your face is to tighten your pores. Because the result of washing your face or face mask will make your pores open. When the pores are open, it can easily cause sebum. can cause acne to come up

4. Choose a skin care product that is suitable for your skin type.

Of course girls Many people attach great importance to skin care. But each skin care should be taken into account by its own skin type, for example, oily skin and large pores. Should choose a skin care that helps add moisture to the skin. Because of oily skin or large pores It may be the result of the skin being too dehydrated and dry. But also take into account the skin care that is not too sticky.

5. Go to bed early for clear skin without acne.

Staying up late means we can’t escape from worsening skin conditions. because in addition to causing bad health It also results in enlarged pores. The chances of getting acne are so high. So to have clear skin without acne. Should adjust the time to sleep early. And drinking clean water often will help.

There are many tips that help girls. Having a bright skin without oil and pores are more compact. The most important thing is to have the discipline to take care of your skin. Including the importance of sleeping and eating each day as well.

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