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All you need to know about demolition contractors Sydney

Demolition contractors Sydney are well experienced in the field. The process itself is an art to be learned. It’s beyond just using heavy equipment to pull down a building. And, it is probably the most prominent aspect of any construction work. As more buildings are erected, older buildings are demolished. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about the process and the demolition contractors Sydney has.

What is it?

This term simply means destruction. That is the controlled destruction or breaking down of building structures to use the land to serve another purpose. It’s not just done haphazardly but by experts in the field. You easily hire any of the demolition contractors Sydney has.


The overall process is divided into two categories; the pre-demolition process and the actual process.

Let’s discuss the pre process. Just as the name implies, it is the process before the work actually happens. The following steps below must be executed before proper destruction.

Building survey. Buildings are surveyed before the best method is picked. Things such as the building material, conditions, method of construction, etc of the building are studied in the survey phase. Hazardous materials such as flammables, asbestos, radioactive substances, etc are also removed.

Creating a plan. This is designed by experts. It contains the full details of the entire process of how the project will be carried out, the type of equipment, how the debris will be removed afterwards, etc.

Observing safety measures. Potential hazards abound when buildings are demolished. They include exposure to flammable substances, noise, dust, falling debris, etc. Demolition contractors Sydney has would ensure everybody on the site is safe.

Types of deconstruction

Allow demolition contractors Sydney has to come up with the best type of demotion for your buildings. They include implosion, excavator, selective, wrecking ball, etc.

Building implosion

This is the use of explosives to break down building structures and cause their walls to collapse from the inside out. Implosion also depends on the surrounding space. If there is enough space, implosions are placed in the building’s column (left). In this way, the building falls to its side when it is detonated. If there is no space, the demolition contractors Sydney has would place the explosives close to the building’s foundation and middle section. The building will fall on itself.


Smaller buildings can employ the excavator method to destroy or bring down structures. However, the average excavator cannot destroy buildings that are over 60 feet tall and are made of masonry and hard construction materials. A high-reach excavator must be used in this case.

Talking with the demolition contractors Sydney has will give you an idea of what it entails.

Wrecking ball

This method is quite dramatic and is similar to how a swinging pendulum works. For example, a massive ball of steel over 10,000 pounds is suspended from a crane over the building and is released crashing down on the building combing its weight and speed to achieve its aim. The swinging method can also be used to crush it sideways. The demolition contractors Sydney has would offer this method at a price.

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