Advantages of Solar Water Heater – Why you need one

A solar heater uses solar heat energy to heat water. As a result, it has become more economical when used in households than using electricity to heat water. In this article, we look at the advantages of using a solar water heater.

Solar water has so many advantages, as listed below;

Free energy

A solar water heater uses solar panels; therefore, it does not cost anything since it uses the sun to heat water. The sun is free energy because all you need is the sun, and we do not pay for the sun. As a result, the solar water heater price in Kenya is reasonable.


It is efficient because it does not need to use any fuel to be able to convert the radiation from the sun to convert water.


Installing a solar water heater is cheaper than installing traditional solar PV panels. It also helps save the price of electricity in the home.

Save space

As compared to solar PV panels, it occupies less space. However, it does need to cover the whole of your roof to be efficient. You can use a thermal forum if you do not have enough room.

Low Maintenance

A solar water heater does not move much; hence, it has no wear and tear. The only thing needed to be done on a solar water heater is cleaning.

Environment friendly

Since solar water heaters do not use or emit fuels, they are eco-friendly. In addition, they do not produce any air pollutants.


Unlike electricity, you are not at risk of hazards. You are sure there will not be electricity-started fires which tend to be challenging.

Solar water heaters have a few disadvantages; they can only heat water, nothing else. They do not function without direct sunlight. When it is cloudy or rainy, the system is not efficient. In case the water in your environment is challenging, the build-up in the system causes it not to be efficient.

You would have to buy an insulated tank to keep the water heated during the day and available for nighttime.


When you get a professional to install it for you, there are some disadvantages that they can fix to improve its efficiency. For example, the scaling done by hard water can be prevented by annual maintenance or water softeners.

A right solar water system helps save about 90% of the energy consumed by electricity to heat water in a household.

A solar water heater’s life span is about twenty to twenty-five years. If maintained and installed correctly, it is efficient. Always make sure that you have gotten a professional to handle all needs.

A solar water heater is an excellent investment to make. If you are having financial difficulties, this is one way of saving up on money. The electricity bill from a household with about ten people that heat their water with electricity is relatively high. A solar heater can reduce this cost for you.

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