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20 Stats Digital Marketers Need to Know in 2023

One of the best ways to boost your brand’s visibility is through online marketing, and it can be done on a variety of devices. In addition to computers, mobile phones are also becoming an important tool for attracting new customers. If your company does not have a mobile-friendly website, it will lose a significant percentage lpllive of customers.

It’s no secret that users are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a personalized marketing message. Brands such as Netflix, Amazon and EasyJet have seen success with personalization. A recent study from the Nielson Norman Group shows that users spend 57% of their time above the fold. This is a great reason to consider investing in more sophisticated technical best call-tracking software.

Aside from SEO, social media is also a useful way to attract new customers. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, have become a hub for marketers to connect with consumers. Many of these brands are using social media DMs for customer service, which has a third-place ROI. Additionally, branded social DM tactics are on the rise.

Content marketing is another powerful tool that can help brands attract more visitors and  xekdq improve their search engine rankings. But it’s important to note that the content must be well-formatted to be effective.

For example, a post with a video gets 157% more search traffic, and it can be repurposed for social posts. Likewise, videos get 40x the shares of other content. The same goes for infographics.

Video is also on the list of the top 20 digital marketing trends of the year. The most notable is the short-form video, which will see the most growth. While short-form videos are not as high-tech as long-form videos, the best ones are able to garner the highest ROI.

Blogging is also an important aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy. Not only can blogging boost SEO, but it provides tons of content to share on social media and in email marketing. Although it is cheaper to produce than traditional advertising, blogging still generates about 3x as many leads.

Of course, it’s not always easy to know which strategy to take. However, this is a good opportunity to audit your current marketing data to determine which strategies are working for you. Also, keep in mind that your competitors are not necessarily the only ones using the latest tech. Getting started with technical SEO will be a worthwhile investment Call-tracking software 2023.

It’s no secret that the best way to boost your brand’s visibility is through a strong social media presence. However, brands must also be careful to balance their message with their responsibilities to the community. Using the internet to promote content that has a negative impact on society is a boolean proposition, and can be an exercise in futility. By being transparent and ethical, a brand can build trust with its audience and gain the respect of its peers.

When it comes to a well-rounded marketing strategy, be sure Huay-online to include videos, images, and content that demonstrates your brand’s values.

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